Saturday, October 18, 2014


Jeff and I took the Vaparetto to Murano Island one day.  It is about a 15 minute boat ride that let's you see Venice from the water.

This is a view from inside a Vaporetto.....Just like a NYC subway but on water!!!

The view during the boat ride!

And More views from the boat!

And the arrival at what 40 years ago didn't exist.....Nice disembarkation areas!  When I was here 40 years was so much more rustic!

While wandering around the island I ventured into some Murano Glass Boutiques.....Not my style but beautiful !

Inside an Art Store of Murano Glass & this is the Work Area!

The fire furnace to blow the glass!  I tried  in another studio to take a picture and got the "NO photographa" exclamation.......sheeeesh.....I am a little I am afraid to photograph a zuccini!!!  LOL....Only in Italy my friends!!!

Break time.  Murano is really small, at least in the area Jeff & I were walking.  What was super was all the glass sculptures spread all the one behind me!

The waterfront in Murano was beautiful.....we enjoyed walking along it!

Just like Venice Proper......views everywhere!

Another waterfront ducks!  Jeff actually missed this....he saw it back at the apartment in Venice when I showed him pictures I took!

My new Profile Facebook picture.....I loved that I was color coordinated with the glass sculpture!!!  Vain, uh, Maybe?  LOL

The Trattoria we had lunch at in Murano!

I had grilled shrimp.....with you might think this weird, but I like heads on my shrimp!!!  It certainly is something you cannot get at home aka States!  Uh, do you see the Spritzes????  YEP I think Jeff is addicted too!!!!!

That was our day in Murano!  Tips, make sure you check the official Trademark for Murano Glass......I had it in hand and was informed.  The off putting part of Murano was the abundance of knock off shops....and basically tourist traps!  But we did find some GREAT genuine shops.....TIP....PRICE!!!!!  One gallery had a Murano Contemporary Sculpture I fell in love with.....with shipping.....$350.....luckily...I went without a Credit Card & very little Euros......Another TIP.....while in Europe.....on a budget.....leave your credit card at home!!!!!  In my case it was the apartment......and the trip to Murano was long enough not to go back.  BUT, I did get a card from the, maybe this cold winter I will go on line and buy what I loved!!!!!

So Amici Mia.....that was a Day on Murano!!!  Worth a visit, YES,  if for no other reason than the boat ride and the views there!!!!  AND......I did buy a pair of "Murano" ???? glass earrings.....probably made in China.......BUT.....I Love Them!!!!