Monday, October 13, 2014

VENICE SOLO TIME.....Out exploring shortly after arrival in Venice.

When I first arrived in Venice it was a little intimidating.  The many narrow alleys....and you can't just leave breadcrumbs to find your way back.....besides the pidgeons would eat them.  So, my initial method included taking pictures of key corners then if I thought something looked familiar I would check my pictures.

That worked out in the beginning, but soon I became comfortable!  I had my favorite routes to take to my favorite areas.  And once I realized that the city maps were misleading in that what appears to be far off really isn't!  So now I may use the map to get a general direction and if you don't take too many turns, you will get to where you want.  Following are some pictures of a typical day!

This is the Me and the Nun picture.  My first adventure to Zattere on the Giudecca Canal.  The route turned out to be practically a straight walk and much shorter than anticipated!

It was a straight route along the way and there were hardly any people.  Mostly homes, some Pensions and one Retaurant that I took Jeff to for dinner the night he arrived!

And reach Zattere!  A huge promenade with restaurants, cafes and bars!  

So I spent most of my afternoon here!

This was taken from my table at a cafe!

And by now you know what this is!

Another view from my table.  The large ship cruise terminal is nearby (where I will be headed on Wednesday, October 15 to continue my cruise around the Meditterean).  I was glad I got to see a ship in the will be fun when I pass by again and see the promenade from my ship.

More sights in Zattere.

I only managed two photos in Billa, one of the larger grocery stores.  This one was located on the promenade!  After taking photo #2, I was scolded by the bakery lady! "NO PHOTOGRAPHA".  Okay, I learned something!

After a lot of walking I reached one end of the promenade and found this little Campo to have a drink and rest a little before heading back!

Campo San Basegio.

So that was an afternoon in Zattere!!!  After this day I returned here two more times!

I believe congratulations are in order......I think I only have two more postings for Venice!  And it looks like today may rain so I may just finish before I board the ship Wednesday.  As of Wednesday I will be subjected to the outrageous Internet Fees the ship charges.  I have learned to do most of my work in ports at a cafe with free internet!