Sunday, October 19, 2014

VENICE DINNER.......Antica Locanda Montin, Dorsoduro

On the Night Jeff arrived we decided to go to dinner that night at Antica Locanda Montin, Calle S. Travaso. Just a short walk from Campo San Barnaba on the way to Zattere.  I must say, I loaded and drafted a bunch of Venice posts while in the Venice apartment with the great Free Internet.  I am now on the ship and paying up the whazoooo for internet!  So bear with me on my memory LOL!!!!!
This particular restauarant was/is well known for hosting big stars from the USA.  Mick Jagger, Yoko Ono etc.  Rock Stars!  Even Jimmy Carter ate here!  Not in the tourist area and I just happened upon it!  We had a great dinner here!  Super staff!

A Grilled Shrimp Salad.....YUMMO!

Jeff had mussels which I believe he said were excellent!!!

Okay, memory fading me!!!  LOL....this was Jeff's Pasta Italy, Secondi....I tried it....and great!  I think ravioli with maybe mushroom stuffing.....when I get home and talk to Jeff.....I can always correct.  Right now as I write this I am on board the Ship leaving give me some leeway!

THIS I REMEMBER!!!!!!!!!!  Veal in Limone Sauce!!  My Lord, it was so incredibly delicious!!!!  Needless to say, I was a happy camper!

This must have been Jeff's dish.......I have no clue!  Once again, I will fix things when I am home.....after I talk with Jeff .....LOL!  Sorry.....but, here on board ship I am paying big time to get this stuff to you all out there!!!!!

This I KNOW.....Jeff's Entree was fish!!!!!  LOL, aren't I bright?  Not sure what kind of fish, but in Venice, it is right out of the water and almost flapping in the plate!  My guess is Brandzinno ( spelling way off, I am sure)!

This I know too.....Panacotti!  Dolci!  With a Chocolate Sauce!

Okay, this was walking back to the Apartment!  A couple from England I would guess said they would take a picture of us......It  is a nice remembrance of our dinner in Venice.....Jeff's first night!  Proud he dealt with Jet Lag so well!

I am so happy I actually managed another blog post!  While I had free WIFI in the apartment I set up drafts with pictures on my blog I just have to add the text.  It has saved tons of time and $$$!  Not sure what my next post will be, but I have several drafts.

Not sure how I will do with post Venice Posts.....I have been making progress using Free WIFI at cafes along the way.....but, some posts may have to wait until I return to the States!!!!!  OMG....that will not be until November 9th!!!  Bottom Line, I am a Happy Camper!!!

PS....Just before publishing this post.....internet Cut Out.....I'm done for tonight!!!!!  Can't take the stress!!!!