Monday, October 27, 2014

VENICE LIVING........Recap

I found I missed posting some pictures, so here they are with descriptions.  Once again I am on board a ship with limited internet access......but I so wanted to get my last Venice Living Post done!  So here we go.......I miss my Venice home as I look at these pictures again!  Sigh!

Laundry day brother washed sheets for the arrival of our cousin.  Actually, I think he wanted to work the washing machine and actually hang out the laundry ala Venezia!

In the Campo Santa Marghereta they would have a flea market some days.....I did buy myself a bangle was really fun to take a look see here.

This was a flower shop I found ....I wanted to buy a yellow rose for my cousin's room when she arrived in Venice.  The shop owner did not speak any English.....but when I told her it was a gift for a guest that was arriving at my apartment.....she went through every yellow rose until she found the perfect one.  Then she tied a ribbon around it!!!!!  It cost me 1 Euro!

I must admit I have not been having many pictures taken of me on this trip.....not sure about the reason!  But when my brother and I did a dry run to the Cruise case I had to do it on my own.....YES I am a planner!....he took a picture of me at the station for the People Mover Train that takes you to the Cruise Port.  Obviously.....I ended up taking a Water Taxi.....but it was kind of cool to go back here again!

Just a hint to fellow travelers.....The Cruise Port in Venice is really accessible and well marked.  If you are mobile and with little luggage......your best bet is to walk to Pia'lle Roma, board the people Mover for 1 or 2 Euros.....then just follow the signs to your ship!

What can I say....I love the flower Shops in Italy!

A new dessert I created.  I wanted Ice Cream with Galiano.....but the bar near home didn't have they just put a shot of Grappa on my Chocolate Ice Cream.....thank goodness I only had to walk across the square to home!!!

This is the Basil Plant I bought at the Veggie Boat in Campo San Barnaba......I found a planter in my garden and I ended up using this plant when making sauce and salads!  My little contribution to the garden!

The Vaporetto Station that my brother arrived at and where I walked my cousin to when she headed to the train station!!!  A very convenient station to the Dorsoduro neighborhood.  Ca' Rezzonico!

Ca' Rezzonico Station!

My contribution to the Home In Venice!  I needed my Tea Kettle and I thought this copper one just fit in with the decor of the Kitchen I ended up falling in love with!

This is where I was able to buy contact lens solution and case which I left on the airplane.....Delta did a search but it never turned up!  

Just another evening in Venice Walking home from dinner!!!!  I so fell in love with Dorsoduro!

Flowers I bought for my Venice Home!

And flowers for my Garden Table!

This I found facinating!  I was wondering how people dealt with the Acqua Alta (flooding) on a first floor level.  Well.....apparently they have these metal gates/blocks that prevent, or slow down water from getting inside their homes or businesses!  My home's first floor started a few steps up, so I didn't have this.  But, I did notice that my wrought iron and glass door into the home was designed with a sealed metal (steel) closure! did not appear to have ever been flooded.  There was no mold....or any other problems associated with have been flooded!

I have no clue where this was.....but it looks like a seagull is a bit of a Peeking Tom!!!

I think this was my first Spritz in Venice.  Luckily.....they make the same drink on Board the ship!!!  Yes, I have had one or two.

This was my first meal in Venice!  Insalada Capreese.....There is something about the mozarella in Italy, I think it is Buffalo Mozarella!

This entree was so was linguine & Crab Sauce.....but the sauce tasted like canned crab meat!  Thumbs down to this!

Pic was taken as I was preparing the garden table for my "first dinner at home"....Grilled Steak!

I made a wonderful salad......grilled steak....a local bottle of red wine!!!!  Needless to say, I was so happy!!!

More dinner pictures!

Ingredients for this dinner.....sorry about the order of my pictures.  Hey, when you are paying 25 cents a minute for rush a lot!

So, I believe this is my last post for my two weeks of living in Venice!!!  I will tweak....refine and add thoughts about my Venice experience while I am crossing the atlantic!  As well as give you some looks at Monte Carlo, Marseille, Corfu, Civitavechhia (Rome), Naples Italy, Montenegro, Dubrovnik, Barcelona, Alicante, Spain, Almeria, Spain, Cadiz, Spain and Punta del Gada, Portugal!!!

I am still an Italian minded gal....still speaking Italian on Board ship!!!!


Sunday, October 26, 2014

VENICE LIVING........Dinner my cousin's first night

Okay, I believe I have covered everything.  However, I found some photos that didn't make blog pages so I am just sharing them here in my recap!  This is a tribute to my Aunt Millie...she loved Frogs....and low & behold....there was a frog on the bar!  This Restaurant was an Italian Tapas sort of we had small plates!

Inside view of Restaurant!

In Honor of my cousin Frankie.....we had the wine Frank!

Sample of small know......I have no clue right now what it was, but it was darn good!

This I remember.....Carpacchio....beef!  YUMMO!  

Here is a Venetian Specialty.....Sardines!!!  As well as a number of other delicasies.  Lots of Baccala!  You is a really big thing in Venice!  But the Sardine dish I read about....and was so thrilled to finally have it!

All over Europe.....people love their pets and Dogs are welcome anywhere.....this was the beginning of seeing this Venice....I have pictures to come in France & Spain of animals sharing human space in Restaurants!  They even provide water bowls!

He just hung out there!  Not sure if he wandered in or was with someone.....whatever!

I am so sorry about this smattering of blog has been different this year.....I have been more into living the experience than reporting on it......but, I will catch up and probably during my crossing to the USA......I will do more posts and reflections on this whole adventure!

I still have the Syrian Refugee Rescue at Sea......which happened October 20th.....It was an adventure that lasted from 5 a.m. until 10:30 a.m.. one morning!!!!  I have both photos & videos!  It was one heck of a morning!!!

In the meantime....bear with me many stories to tell!!!!


VENICE.....Dinner at La Furatola, Calle Lunga San Barnaba

My Cousin, Jeff and I went to this small restauraunt off of Campo San Barnaba, La Furatola.  Unfortunately, I did not take pictures of our dinner.  I have these photos from their website.  Trust me, it was a great dnner!

I so love Venice and FYI....there are tons of Ristorantes in the Dorsoduro area of Venice!  I absolutely loved this neighborhood!  AND.....there is a good possibility of me returning here!

This was our table!  It is really weird....this trip, the blog has taken a back page.  I have found myself just enjoying my pics of food, but the point is.....when you rent a home in Venice and probably any other place in get into just living the life.  I am living the life and I am sorry my pics are not following as maybe they should!  I am just too engrossed in this adventure to report more than just background!!!

This is the finicky don't even dare to suggest anything on his menu that is other than printed.  Gotta love it!

Okay......I have been on board the ship since October 15.....I am just catching up on posting from my time in Venice.....sorry, but internet costs on board the ship are HUGE!!!  I manage uploads of pictures to my blog while at cafes with free WIFI.....but writing the text has to be done on board.  So, hang in there....I have tons of posts to come.....but unfortunately, they may not happen until I return home!  Bottom line, so far, the pinnacle of my trip has been VENICE!  I lived there, in a home for two weeks!  Not much can compare to that!!!

CIAO and please check back soon!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

VENICE.......Last Dinner Out for Jeff at Entoca e Trattoria La Bitta

On Jeff's last night we went to La Bitta for dinner.  One of the few, if not the only restaurant that serves NO FISH.  Since I am doing these posts now from The Ship on my Mediterranean Cruise and I am paying a fortune for internet....It will be tough trusting my memory.  Luckily, while I was at the apartment in Venice with Great WIFI, I had loaded up pictures for these posts and kept them in draft here I go!

Of course, what is a dinner in Venice, hey Italy....without a very good wine!

This was one of the appetizers.  There was wonderful Rocket Lettuce underneath beautifully arranged slices of Pear.  Rocket is like Arugula.

Of course, Panicotta!  It was Jeff's last dinner SO I indulged!

Jeff's dessert was a spiced Carrot Cake which he said was super!

And My Cousin had a Capuccino!  She is anti-pictures, so I do have her necklace LOL!

This was a Fabulous Dinner.....Jeff left the next morning early....before either my cousin or I were up.  He headed to the the aiport via the Vaparetto.  Poor Jeff....he had a long journey!!!  I am so happy I plan my return to the states via ship.  My return will be waking up many days from now in Florida!!!  No Jet Lag....a perfect way to return from Europe!

That night my cousin & I had her final dinner in Venice.  She was leaving right after dinner for the Vaporetto to go to the Train Station area....she was staying one night in a hotel next to the station so she could take an early train to the Amalfi Coast area.

So just an update:  I boarded the Holland America Nieuw Amsterdam on October 15th and I will be sailing through the Mediterranean for 25 days ending up in Ft. Lauderdale, FL on November 9.  Some of my ports of calls will be repeats, all of which I already know new areas of the same ports to explore.  Like today....I was in Naples and detoured the central area and headed straight to Hotel Row on the Bay of Naples across from Mt Etna......had a wonderful lunch there at a waterfront Ristorante!

There will be new ports such as Monte Carlo, Livorno, Marseilles etc.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

VENICE DINNER.......Antica Locanda Montin, Dorsoduro

On the Night Jeff arrived we decided to go to dinner that night at Antica Locanda Montin, Calle S. Travaso. Just a short walk from Campo San Barnaba on the way to Zattere.  I must say, I loaded and drafted a bunch of Venice posts while in the Venice apartment with the great Free Internet.  I am now on the ship and paying up the whazoooo for internet!  So bear with me on my memory LOL!!!!!
This particular restauarant was/is well known for hosting big stars from the USA.  Mick Jagger, Yoko Ono etc.  Rock Stars!  Even Jimmy Carter ate here!  Not in the tourist area and I just happened upon it!  We had a great dinner here!  Super staff!

A Grilled Shrimp Salad.....YUMMO!

Jeff had mussels which I believe he said were excellent!!!

Okay, memory fading me!!!  LOL....this was Jeff's Pasta Italy, Secondi....I tried it....and great!  I think ravioli with maybe mushroom stuffing.....when I get home and talk to Jeff.....I can always correct.  Right now as I write this I am on board the Ship leaving give me some leeway!

THIS I REMEMBER!!!!!!!!!!  Veal in Limone Sauce!!  My Lord, it was so incredibly delicious!!!!  Needless to say, I was a happy camper!

This must have been Jeff's dish.......I have no clue!  Once again, I will fix things when I am home.....after I talk with Jeff .....LOL!  Sorry.....but, here on board ship I am paying big time to get this stuff to you all out there!!!!!

This I KNOW.....Jeff's Entree was fish!!!!!  LOL, aren't I bright?  Not sure what kind of fish, but in Venice, it is right out of the water and almost flapping in the plate!  My guess is Brandzinno ( spelling way off, I am sure)!

This I know too.....Panacotti!  Dolci!  With a Chocolate Sauce!

Okay, this was walking back to the Apartment!  A couple from England I would guess said they would take a picture of us......It  is a nice remembrance of our dinner in Venice.....Jeff's first night!  Proud he dealt with Jet Lag so well!

I am so happy I actually managed another blog post!  While I had free WIFI in the apartment I set up drafts with pictures on my blog I just have to add the text.  It has saved tons of time and $$$!  Not sure what my next post will be, but I have several drafts.

Not sure how I will do with post Venice Posts.....I have been making progress using Free WIFI at cafes along the way.....but, some posts may have to wait until I return to the States!!!!!  OMG....that will not be until November 9th!!!  Bottom Line, I am a Happy Camper!!!

PS....Just before publishing this post.....internet Cut Out.....I'm done for tonight!!!!!  Can't take the stress!!!!