Saturday, October 11, 2014

COOKING IN VENICE 101.....The adventures of Cooking in Italy!!

Here follows our prep and cooking of a Meat Sauce (gravy as they say in Italy) ....sausage and Braccioli!

Pasta, canned tomatoes, parsley, and parmeggiano cheese.

Sausage and some beef.  The beef is sliced thin then pounded out to form a scallopini!

Jeff is doing the pounding!  If you don't have a meat pounder, use a rolling pin, don't have a rolling pin....does anyone have a third suggestion?????

I was in charge of the filling.  Fresh Parsley, minced garlic, oregano, some oil, parmeggian cheese (grated), salt, pepper and quite frankly whatever else you want to put in it!!!!  LOL!!!

Roll it up and secure!  We had no I ran out to the corner store and bought some skewers!  Voila...the Braccioli is secure!

Brown the sausage and remove!

Brown the braccioli and remove!

Meat is browned. Now into the drippings from the meat you just sautee (do not burn or brown) some chopped  garlic.  Add the canned WHOLE tomatoes squishing them with your hands.  Rachel Ray uses a potato masher, some use a puree hands are your best kitchen tool.  YES I washed them!!!!

Into the tomatoes add lots of chopped parsley, salt, pepper, oregano (and I can't believe we forgot some red wine and bay leaf what was I thinking?). Return the meat to the pot and normally simmer for a couple of hours.  Being in Venice we got home later so it simmered only an hour.  That was fine....but the braccioli needs more time....after a couple of days Jeff heated up the leftovers and said the braccioli was much better. So a Note to the cooks out there.....even if you are in Venice, get home in time to properly cook your sauce!!  GOT IT?

And here is the finished product!!!!!  I have, somewhere in my pictures, the set table and serving which I will look for and add!  Probably not today/tonight, but soon!!!  Tonight we are grilling some steaks!!!! Purchased at a Butcher Shop!  My cousin is visiting and we all need some BEEF.....eating out in Venice is Fish, Fish and more Fish!!!