Sunday, October 26, 2014

VENICE LIVING........Dinner my cousin's first night

Okay, I believe I have covered everything.  However, I found some photos that didn't make blog pages so I am just sharing them here in my recap!  This is a tribute to my Aunt Millie...she loved Frogs....and low & behold....there was a frog on the bar!  This Restaurant was an Italian Tapas sort of we had small plates!

Inside view of Restaurant!

In Honor of my cousin Frankie.....we had the wine Frank!

Sample of small know......I have no clue right now what it was, but it was darn good!

This I remember.....Carpacchio....beef!  YUMMO!  

Here is a Venetian Specialty.....Sardines!!!  As well as a number of other delicasies.  Lots of Baccala!  You is a really big thing in Venice!  But the Sardine dish I read about....and was so thrilled to finally have it!

All over Europe.....people love their pets and Dogs are welcome anywhere.....this was the beginning of seeing this Venice....I have pictures to come in France & Spain of animals sharing human space in Restaurants!  They even provide water bowls!

He just hung out there!  Not sure if he wandered in or was with someone.....whatever!

I am so sorry about this smattering of blog has been different this year.....I have been more into living the experience than reporting on it......but, I will catch up and probably during my crossing to the USA......I will do more posts and reflections on this whole adventure!

I still have the Syrian Refugee Rescue at Sea......which happened October 20th.....It was an adventure that lasted from 5 a.m. until 10:30 a.m.. one morning!!!!  I have both photos & videos!  It was one heck of a morning!!!

In the meantime....bear with me many stories to tell!!!!