Sunday, October 12, 2014


Since I am working on Cooking in Venice I will jump ahead a little and present the latest "cooking at home" experience! have to find a Good Butcher in your neighborhood.  The last steak I had was purchased at the meat counter in Punta (small nearby grocery store).  It was okay, but this time since I had company, we decided to find a butcher.  These were the steaks cut to order.  

There is no outdoor BBQ so we used a grill pan on the stove.  Our steaks were on the large size, so we had to grill them are supposed to let them rest when done anyway.  Just seasoned with salt and pepper!

My brother was kind enough to do the grilling and I prepared the side dishes!

Unfortunately it rained, so we ate inside!


A little grated Parmagiano Cheese into the salad!  As you can see, I love my kitchen!

Absolutely Fresh Lettuce called Gentile purchased at the Veggie Boat in Campo San Barnaba, very close by!  Some Radiccio (very inexpensive here), fresh tomatoes, some onion, oregano, radishes finished with virgin olive oil and wine vinegar!

Some fresh brocolli also bought at the Veggie Boat.  Note:  Brocolli here comes in much smaller heads.  I appologize...I did not take pictures of all my ingredient purchases!

And of Course.....No dinner is complete without a bottle of Brunello di Montalcino, 2007, compliments of my cousin!  Grazie!

So that was our Saturday Night dinner at Home!  I even downloaded some free music from ITunes so we had music with dinner!  No CD's here and I forgot to bring some!