Tuesday, October 21, 2014

VENICE.......Last Dinner Out for Jeff at Entoca e Trattoria La Bitta

On Jeff's last night we went to La Bitta for dinner.  One of the few, if not the only restaurant that serves NO FISH.  Since I am doing these posts now from The Ship on my Mediterranean Cruise and I am paying a fortune for internet....It will be tough trusting my memory.  Luckily, while I was at the apartment in Venice with Great WIFI, I had loaded up pictures for these posts and kept them in draft form....so here I go!

Of course, what is a dinner in Venice, hey Italy....without a very good wine!

This was one of the appetizers.  There was wonderful Rocket Lettuce underneath beautifully arranged slices of Pear.  Rocket is like Arugula.

Of course, Panicotta!  It was Jeff's last dinner SO I indulged!

Jeff's dessert was a spiced Carrot Cake which he said was super!

And My Cousin had a Capuccino!  She is anti-pictures, so I do have her necklace LOL!

This was a Fabulous Dinner.....Jeff left the next morning early....before either my cousin or I were up.  He headed to the the aiport via the Vaparetto.  Poor Jeff....he had a long journey!!!  I am so happy I plan my return to the states via ship.  My return will be waking up many days from now in Florida!!!  No Jet Lag....a perfect way to return from Europe!

That night my cousin & I had her final dinner in Venice.  She was leaving right after dinner for the Vaporetto to go to the Train Station area....she was staying one night in a hotel next to the station so she could take an early train to the Amalfi Coast area.

So just an update:  I boarded the Holland America Nieuw Amsterdam on October 15th and I will be sailing through the Mediterranean for 25 days ending up in Ft. Lauderdale, FL on November 9.  Some of my ports of calls will be repeats, all of which I already know new areas of the same ports to explore.  Like today....I was in Naples and detoured the central area and headed straight to Hotel Row on the Bay of Naples across from Mt Etna......had a wonderful lunch there at a waterfront Ristorante!

There will be new ports such as Monte Carlo, Livorno, Marseilles etc.