Sunday, October 5, 2014

VENICE LIVING.......I have to post tonight's dinner.....will continue catching up tomorrow!

Well, as I left you last I was going out to dinner and then planned to return to "blogging"!  But instead I am going to show you where I went to dinner tonight.  It was a very nice evening! In San Barnaba...down an alley off the Campo was "L'osteria San Barnaba Ristorante" was early for Venice Dining and I was only the second customer.....but the place sooned filled up and it was bustling!  I judge a restaurant often on how they treat a single diner.....The staff here were superb.  I was not ignored and felt quite at home.

The entrance in the Alley


First course....mussels & clams in a mild tomato sauce!  Yummie

Main course:  Lamb fried with roasted potatoes.

This was a complimentary polenta dish offered at the beginning of dining....and I must say it was deliciouso!

View from my table!

Not that I needed it, but I couldn't resist the Crema Cantalana (Creme Brulee)

I promise.....tomorrow I will get back to covering the days I missed.  My brother is flying in and I have to meet him at Ca' Rezzonico....the vaporetto stop.  He will be here with me for 8 my single travel adventure will end tomorrow.  Although, we are both I certainly will be off on my own anyway!