Sunday, October 5, 2014

VENICE LIVING CONTINUES....As the days progress, Venice Living is Grand

Here I am in my fifth day living in Dorsoduro, Venice, Italy and I am just getting around to doing another post to my blog.  What does this mean?  It means I have been so busy just soaking up the beauty of this place that I have lost track of time.  I am almost halfway through my Venice adventure, but today is Sunday and it is a fairly quiet and peaceful day.  So after spending the early afternoon in Zattere walking along the Grand Canal and resting in a Cafe in Campo San Basegio....I reluctantly walked home and decided I should work on this blog.

Following are some random pictures of what I have been up to the last 4 days.

A quick walk from Campo Santa Margherita, where I am staying, is Campo San Barnaba.  I happened upon this when I was in search of the Vaparetto Stop of Ca' Rezzonico (I need to meet my brother there tomorrow afternoon after his flight in from the States).

Along the way I saw the vegetable is there most days and I bought a basil plant which I planted in my garden here at home.

After discovering San Barnaba I decided to go there the same night and have some pizza!  I went to Caffee Ai Artisti!

Pizza w/Mozarella, Tomato & Funghi......Mushrooms.  And I might say it was darn good!!

I found this rather Antique Dealer Boat.  Only in Venice my friends.

This is me and the Nun.....I was walking back to San Barnaba after spending some time at Zattere!  A promenade along the Grand Canal across from Giudecca Island.  I believe that was where The Clooney's were staying.

Remarkable scenes on this walk.

I was at this sidewalk cafe in Zattere.....watching boats go by and ships.  I am kind of hooked on the local drink of choice....a Spritz.  White Wine, ice and seltzer with bitters.  I liked it with campari.

It is interesting how this drink is served....sometimes in a glass like this, sometimes fancy in a wine glass....sometimes with an this one!  

Does life get any better than this?  Sitting in the sun along side the Grand Canal in Venice sipping on a Spritz and just taking it all in!  Bellisimo!

Another view of the Promenade!

As I walked from San Barnaba down narrow alleys along side a narrow canal.....this was the light at the end of the tunnel......Zattere!

Since I have so many pictures and so much to write about.....I think I will take a little break right now....maybe go out and have a Spritz....maybe some Linguini  and Vongole then come back to my....Blog!  Enjoy!!!!!!