Friday, October 3, 2014

VENICE LIVING Day One ........Experience of Renting an Apartment in Venice, Italy

Okay my blog followers.....I have arrived in Venice Italy....actually two days ago.  It has taken me some time to get myself oriented.  The bottom line is the apartment is as advertised, the location is superb, and I am ready to post MY photos of this fabulous place!  

Let me just say, for someone on their own Venice it does feel totally safe.....BUT...managing the alleyways and sometimes unmarked streets can be challenging.  But remember, Venice is small and with some perserverance, and smart thinking you won't get lost....a little confused at some points.....but with patience, you always find your way home!!!!  LOL

I apologize for the sequence of photos.....I haven't quite mastered Photo Insertion 101!!!!!

This Venice Arrival began in a pouring rain.  The Apartment Rental people arranged for a Private Water Taxi to take me from the airport to the nearest canal to the apartment.  I must say, that transition went very smoothly.  Name sign, concierge service, totally pleasant.  Now the rain....well, no one can predict that.  But here's a tip.....whether you are taking a Water Taxi, a Vaporetto, or the Ferry from the airport....access to all is very easy.  AND in the rain.....99% of the walk way outside is covered!   Maybe a 5 minute walk...I had a hooded wind breaker so the small areas I had to pass in the rain were no problem

I called the Apartment Representative after customs in the airport to alert them that I was on my way.  NOTE:  To do this I bought a basic global cellphone all SIM'ed up (a card that allows you to call in a zillion countries).  The phone, that I now own cost $69 and calls cost 99 cents a minute.  I went that route to just have it for this one call & emergencies.  I can use it from now on whenever I travel.  

Okay, I was traveling in a Water Taxi on the Grand Canal and let me tell reminded me of a deep sea fishing trip I did in a small boat.....that boat was a rocking rolling & slamming!  Makes me think how George Clooney would have handled that just a couple of days earlier?????????  

We arrived at the drop off point and Sara, dear dear Sara was waiting for me!!!  All decked out in a hooded slicker!  She had some man helping her retrieve my luggage from the taxi.  Unfortunately....we could not pull up to the stairs....and had to walk across another boat with a tarp on it.  I was ready to just head across....and they pulled me back saying "Uh, there may be open spaces under the tarp" we gingerly stepped across.  Sorry, no pics of that.....I am adventurous, but not THAT adventurous!!!  LOL

Now on dry land......Poor Dear Sara commandeered my Large bag, me my rolling carry-on, and proceeded to cross one bridge!!!!  Once over that we walked across Campo Santa Margherta to my Calle (street) and I WAS HOME!!!  Sara provided a superb orientation to the apartment....(which is actually an attached home) and before I could even take out my list of questions.....they were answered.  She was patient with me re: using the key to the front door.....okay, I have a key usage sue me!!!  After a practice run, I felt okay that I mastered Key in Lock Turn 101.

And that is how it all began!!!  (minus the whole story of leaving a zip lock on the plane with my contact lens case & solution.....will deal with that whole thing later)

This is my front door looking from the house into the foyer & out to the alley.  I wondered about Acqua Alta (flooding) but now I see....the actual home starts up to flooding should not be an issue.  What I like about this door is I can see people walking by....not that I stand there and look, but it is interesting.  No worries....there is a sliding door inside that blocks off outsiders  views inside.

A view from one of the upstairs bedrooms of my garden, forward, and another garden aft which I think is a club ....maybe a gym....still working on figuring that out.

Another view of the garden from upstairs.  There is a wrought iron door that I guess at one time led out to the alleyway.....but it is decorative now....the other side is bricked in so very safe!

That pathway leads from my street to the place I think is a the morning folks walk up there with "gym bags" !  Not a problem for me.

If you have ever watched House Hunters International you will know what this is!  An Italian Dish Dryer.  You open a cabinet above the sink and there are racks and a drip tray....wash & stack.  I love it.  Since it is just me here right now.....I live out of that cabinet!!

This is the view from my living room into the garden through the huge glass wall & feel like you are outside while inside!

On one of my exploration walks I took a right outside my door rather than a left ....and the alleyway you see at the top of the stairs is my "street".

While on this particular walk I came to the Ca Foscara University.....follow are some pictures inside.

The signature drink of Venice .....Spritz....It is Prosecco & Bitters (Campari)...Actually I liked it.  Had this at a Cafe in Santa Margherita before a late lunch.

First Course.....Ensalada Capreese.

Main Course....Linguine with Crab Sauce.  This was enjoyed at Ristorante Fuorirotta....Capreese was excellent, Crab sauce so so....but not bad.

So there you have first full day in Dorsoduro Venice Italy!

Unitevi a me come la mia avventura continua!!!!!