Saturday, October 11, 2014

VENICE ITALY.......The Adventure Continues! Every Day is Full of New Things

Another Day in Venice! This covers two afternoons and once again, they are in random order.  So you have to rely on my random descriptions to go with my random photos.

An afternoon on Zattere with my brother Jeff!  The Large Cruise ships pass through this Giaducci Canal.  We were headed to the Billa Supermercado....he's a foodie and it the largest of the markets in Venice, except maybe for the COOP.

Once again having a Spritz....these things are addictive!  

When I was here on a Sunday I was unable to get a table at this Cafe, my fave.  It is the day that the locals go for a coffee or Spritz and read their Sunday Paper!  I can certainly get used to this!

At the Saturday Flower market in Campo Santa Marghereta....I bought this plant for the garden table!

Last year when I was in Venice (an overnight cruise stop) I found this Leather Shop.  The owner actually works on small leather products in the store.  Very supple leather and the shop smells great! Grifone, right near the P.le Roma.

This is me and the shop owner!  As Jeff described him "A Jolly Fellow".  I call him my Guiseppi!!!!

Just some of the scenery stolling back from P.le Roma to the apartment.

Laundry Day for someone!!!

Very close to the apartment is that trattoria that I referenced before.  I took Jeff there for lunch & Bira!  Da Silvio!

This is the Leather Pouch that I bought at the shop!  AND I promise, I will not sell it on ebay!!!!!  Inside joke for my friends!!

I ordered Mussels and Clams in a garlic wine butter sauce!!!!  I have ordered this before at other trattorias and this was BY FAR THE BEST!!!!

Just so you remember the place!!!

Jeff's Pizza.....Proscuitto, Pommodore and Mozzarella!

AND I am finding that this must be a Venetian Custom.....some Lemonicello, complimentary, at the end of dining!  I like this custom!

The apartment rental people made sure I had my cart.  If you don't want to look like a Tourist in Venice.....just get yourself this cart!  You go into the grocery store with it....sometimes there is a hook on the store's shopping cart to hook it on, and then some people just leave there cart in the store's entrance.  It is so very lightweight!  And a cinch to maneuver over bridges!

These are the ingredients we picked up to make a tomato sauce (gravy) with sausage and bracioli.

My next post will cover the prep and cooking of our "At Home" dinner!  
AND since we are eating in again tonight (my cousin is visiting for a few days)....I may even have time to do another post today.  NO PROMISES though!!!!!!