Wednesday, October 30, 2013

RHODES, GREECE.......UH OH......I forget this port......So Sue Me!!!!!!

Well, this trip is finally catching up with me!  Somehow, I forgot to post on Rhodes, Greece.  Apparently I was there on October 23rd. I really liked Rhodes too!  The ship docked really close to the main gate into guess what, another walled City!  Boy, back in the old days these coastal cities really needed extra protection.  But, I have learned that Ports were highly valued back then because so much of a country's economy depended on import and export via ships.
Entrance to the walled town.
Sailing into many ruins of castles etc.  The history is incredible!
Again, these incredible arched narrow alleyways....many leading to residential areas and apartments.
As much as I have seen similar still boggles the mind... this mixture of ancient and modern.  The flavor of Europe is incredible.
I was particularly fond of this restaurant that I had lunch at!  The waiter saw my IPad and he gave me a seat at a table with the best internet reception!  This day while having lunch of veal & rice stuffed grapevine leaves....I got a ton of work done!
It was such a lovely garden square and even with the ship in dock, most of the people having lunch here were locals.  Once again....if you go beyond the entrance to any tourist attractions, take a few turns here & there and before you know are rid of the tourists and immersed in more of the real life of where you are.
I still can't get over what you see just by turning a corner!
Just an afternoon of wandering and exploring.  AND letting curiosity take me around new corners!
This was the view from inside out......the water, the arch, the history.  What was fabulous you passed under the arch....took a right and it was a short walk back to the ship.  
More wonderful street scenes.
 AND.....I am still decorating my home away from Rhodes I purchased this tablecloth for my outdoor just makes breakfast outside feel a little more like home!

Hopefully with this post I am back on track with the sequence of my travel. 
Stay tuned for more of this Journey!!!!