Friday, November 1, 2013

TAORMINA, SICILY....another visit after 40 years!!

Once again, I was in Taormina about 40 years ago....I needed to see it one more time. Below was the ships arrival in Messina, Sicily!  Messina appeared to be a beautiful Port City, however, I was committed to take a transfer to Taormina because I so wanted to see this small town again!

The sail into Port was wonderful and once again we were blessed with fabulous weather.  Blue Clear skies and temperatures in the high 60's low 70's.  I am finding October is a wonderful time to visit these parts of Europe!
Again, one long Pedestrian Street with sights all along the way.  The architecture still has me in awe even after seeing so much of it!
I love this picture.....this is one of an elderly lady probably heading home up these empty stairs.  I must say, the residents who live in these areas have to be in fairly good shape to be able to handle all the stairs.  I am getting pretty good at stairs.....they are not threatening a matter of fact, I have not used the elevators on board ship yet!
After 40 years, I have forgotten the charm of this little coastal town.....what I did realize though was that there were more people and more shops.....when I was there it was predominantly residents with a handful of tourists.  There were just a couple of hotels.  
Restaurant I had lunch was a little off the beaten track and was patroned by locals.
My view!!!
MY Lunch.....Spaghetti ala Vongole!!  And of course a nice white wine!
All down the main pedestrian street were a series of I believe 4 Arches!
A view from a wonderful spot at the end of the walkway.
Another of the Arches.
Another view from the end of the town!
The main Square.....I do remember this.  When I was there for several days....this square on a Sunday was filled with families.....several generations, walking arm in arm!
Another wonderful view!
I must say, there are a lot of churches in Europe!!!!
Another Archway!
And of course....there was sculptural art all around.....a perfect mix of ancient and contemporary.

My opinion of Taormina, Sicily revisiting it after 40 years is:  It is still a BEAUTIFUL Town, but I am so so so very glad that I got to see it when there was much less activity and less tourists.  I couldn't find the Hotel I stayed at which was located at the end of the pedestrian main Ave.  The routine on evenings there during my visit consisted of dinner at one of the local restaurants, a walk back to the hotel and on the way.....buying roasted chestnuts on the street & taking them to a very small stand up bar and ordering a Grappa.  It was heaven!  It is so true....that many times LESS is MORE!

I do still recommend paying a visit to charming with to die for views.

Technical note......I have my Post for Cyprus in draft form but for some reason it is having technical issues.....but it will be coming along soon!  Ciao!  Holly