Sunday, November 3, 2013

ALICANTE, SPAIN....Larger City, and unique!

Alicante, Spain is a larger Port city & very simple to get into!  I found this City to be really neat.  It was large enough to feel more like locals lived there and not totally infiltrated with tourists.  I believe we were the only ship in, once I got outside of the Port.....I didn't really see a lot of "cruise" people.  And, I did a lot of my walking on side streets.  I let curiosity lead me and it lead me to some fabulous sights! 
This Port City was intriguing....Once again it was filled with history and surprises around every corner!
As you walked out of the port you saw amazing architectural this row of columns!
I loved this image on the way out of the port....palm trees, an ancient ship and the beautiful water.
Again, so common to these European port cities.....views of things that we will never see in the States.
And a beach.....I am partial to this was a great sight for me!
And this is so much like Rio de Janeiro.....the wavey Mosaic walkways....I must be honest with you, I can't get enough of them.  The attention to detail and the welcoming feeling!
Every Corner I walked around revealed a new spectacular view.  So much to see in a very short walk!
Turn a corner, see something totally new!
Okay, yes, another dog.....can't help myself....I keep thinking of my Monty at home, well not my Monty, my friend Sharon's Monty.....but I dog sit for him, and as far as I am concerned, he is like my Pooch.

View from the restaurant I had lunch far I have pretty much eaten all my lunches off's my time to experience the food culture and to use free WIFI....LOL!
Beer & Fresh Tomato & Mozzarella Salad!!!!!
Views around the area where I ate lunch!
Alicante was rich in beautiful architecture!
I must admit, this city was really pretty and easy to navigate, but not sure if it is somewhere I would want to spend an extended time in.
This was one of my favorite was Saturday morning, and this Dad was sitting outside a Super Mercado having a coffee, and his daughter was having a juice, and they were watching the TV inside the Super Mercado.....CARTOONS!  It warmed my heart!  So, this is an example of a Father & Daughter on a Saturday morning in Alicante, Spain!!!!
A view of the beach along my wandering!

I can't believe I am down to less than two weeks until I return to the US.....and you know what?  This traveling alone thing is wonderful.  I have gained so much confidence.....curiosity....and empowerment....just as Sunday said to me on my flight to seat mate.....She said....your adventure will be empowering....well it is!  I have NO qualms about eating alone anywhere, and I have no qualms about feeling "Odd".....I have learned to just go with the flow and not take anything personally.  Like tonight.....I was involved in a super conversation with a nice man from White Plains NY.....then Hans showed up.....apparently there was a little clique going on .....another couple knew Hans......bottom line.....I was totally excluded from the conversation.  My take was ....ADIOS! 

So......Next Blog Post will be Malaga, Spain........................and I must say, after 40 is not the same, but my love for it is.  Stay tuned!  PS.....Cyprus may not show up until I get clue what the technical issues are!

Adios Amigos!