Saturday, November 9, 2013

CELLESTIAL NIRVANA......The Sight of Stars While in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean on a Clear Night is beyond description!

Tonight was one of the most incredible nights.....sitting outside on my Verandah, balmy 75 degree temperature.....and a view that is beyond description.  I passed on the Black & White Officers Ball.....and just soaked up the star studded sky and I am not disappointed.  Somehow it gives your life a whole different perspective.  We are just another DOT in the sky.  I think there are very few places where you can see so many stars so clearly, and if you look long enough, you see a shooting star and it just makes you look in  awe!  I just needed to share this night.  Sometimes life is not about parties and people but maybe, just sharing the universe! 
Sorry, no pictures.....I just need you to rely on your imagination!!!!!