Monday, November 18, 2013

LIMASSOL, CYPRUS......Lovely combination of contemporary & old!

Limassol, Cyprus is Cyprus's largest coastal town sprawled around Akrotiri Bay.  It's medieval center where you find pedestrianed streets has that wonderful old world feel.  Driving to this area you pass through very contemporary areas that reminded me very much of a coastal area in Florida.  Once in the old area I stumbled upon a medieval castle that was so much fun to explore.

This is the contemporary section of the city that we drove through to get to the Old Town.  Old Town was located a distance from the Ship, but shuttles were provided.

This is an area as you first enter the castle!
Here is an area that has little rooms off this long corridor with the historical information.

This was one of the views from the top of the Castle!
The restaurant where I had of the highlights of each of my Port Days.  This place was located across from a square and the entrance to the Castle.
In the more residential area of the City.
Charming, isn't it?  

Not where I ate, but I thought it was a lovely restaurant.  

These photo show what it is like inside this area of the Old Town.  There were many cafes, shops, music! Cyprus was a wonderful stop with beautiful weather and tons of charm.  I am glad that I continued with my curiosity and adventured out of the central area of town.  Strolling through the residential areas is so much fun as was getting away from the "tourists"!

It took a long time to fix this post.....but now that I am home and with Good and unlimited Internet Service, I can finally actually post this entry!

This was a shot of the port area as the shuttle took us to the old City.  It was a really long walk.  As you can see it is really contemporary and as I said, it almost has a feel of a street in Florida.
This of course is me!!  It was taken at my table in the Main Dining Room of the Ship the night of my visit to Cyprus.  If you are interested, I am eating Frogs Legs!
This was the sign at the entrance to the castle.  Again, I apologize for the lack of order of these photos.....unfortunately I didn't master this blog site as much as I wished.

Another lovely street scene in Cyprus!