Sunday, December 8, 2013


The luckiest people in the world! I think NOT!! Now I know why I was not particularly fond of Barbara Streisand or this song! The problem with these lyrics is the word NEED! Enjoy people?....Yes. Want to meet people?....Yes. Need people, sorry, but NO. One of the things I came to grips with on my "solo" voyage was that I didn't NEED people. I liked them, on my own terms. And yes, I had the urge at times to meet new people....but again, WHEN I had the urge. I take exception to the concept that needing people makes you happy. It doesn't make sense. Where does it leave you if you need people and there are none around? Life's circumstances sometimes take people away from you...what do people who need people do then? It reminded me of CRAZY Debbie from Canada on my trip. There was a desperation about her. During my tour in Israel she was a latcher and a clinger. A part of me felt sympathy for her, but another part of me felt "Go Away" PLEASE! Of course, lucky me, was graced with her company at a table I sat at during the provided lunch of the tour. I was at a table with a lovely couple from Ohio when Debbie joined us. We had a difficult time dealing with Debbie's clinging intrusive behavior.....I took control of pouring the wine that was provided for our table and Doug, Adele & I had our share....NO, I am not an ogre, Debbie got wine too. Barbara Streisand, or the lyrisist, missed the mark on that song. Try: "People Who Don't Need People" are the luckiest people in the world.