Friday, November 8, 2013

CADIZ, SPAIN.....Last Port in Spain and the very beginning of the crossing with only one more stop in the Azores before the 7 day crossing voyage begins.

I was in Cadiz before during my last Trans Atlantic Crossing.  It is the next to the last port before 7 days at Sea into Florida.  It wasn't that long ago, but silly me confused it with another Port in Spain, when I got there I was looking to see things I saw in Cadiz....needless to say I was totally disoriented.  My brother refreshed my memory and it turned out that when we were in Cadiz, we walked totally around the island on the shore rim.  We did not venture into the town itself.  Well this trip I explored ONLY the city....and was very impressed.
This is an impressive statue that was at the entrance to the City.  It sat in a wonderful park and is a great landmark to find your way back to the ship!
An open square that leads to an impressive building....sorry, I am not sure what it was, I would guess a government building.
Of course, I have to visit Super Mercados...this one was so much fun!  AND I purchased a bottle of local wine for $3.95 Euros....and I might say pretty good!
Like in many of the other ports I visited, there was a surprise around every corner!  I really enjoyed walking around this City....and my search was on to find a Restaurant for lunch!
Just meandering through the City.
And, Voila.....I found this square with four sides of incredible architecture.....AND...
A restaurant....smack in the middle. 
This is one of the views from my table.  I can't emphasize how much I have enjoyed lunching in these amazing ports.  Of course, many of the people on board the ship hate giving up a "free" lunch on board, but to me, one of the ways to really feel a city, the culture and the food is to immerse yourself in it.  And immerse, I did!
The Restaurant had a Tapas menu, however, after trying for awhile to order a few items, the waiter just kept saying No I let him pick for me....he ended up bringing me two half portions on the main menu....he assured me, I believe, with the language issues, that it was like ordering Tapas!  My first dish was Prawns in a Garlic sauce (of course there was bread for dipping) and I must say I enjoyed it tremendously.
My next course was stuffed red peppers.....there was a nice rice and veal stuffing and the sauce was really, the Garcon was correct and I was pleased!
After I left the Restaurant.....I was in search of the Central Mercado....instead I just came across this spectacular building.  It is hard to appreciate this architecture through Blog Photos....but you get an idea I am sure!  So, I never did find the Central Mercado! 
Taking another route back to the ship, I got a different view of the Cadiz Monument!
And finally, before finally re-boarding the ship.....I had one last look at this incredible City.  Would I go back, probably not, unless I do another crossing.  Do I regret having a chance to experiencing the City....ABSOLUTELY NOT!  It was fantastic.
My next post and last one on the Cities I visited (except for Cyprus....which for the life of me I can't fix....I may delete it and start from scratch!)  will be Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal....AND finally you will see some architecture different from what has been posted so far.
Stay tuned......and I hope I am sparking some interest in SOLO is fabulous!!!!