Sunday, October 20, 2013

ATHENS, GREECE.........a little disappointed!

Well, here we are in Athens, Greece.....Jeff & I walked from the Port to the first Metro station which took longer than I liked.  I had a small overnight bag on wheels....since I was staying at the Grande Bretagne Hotel overnight.  Then of course, the Metro was another 20 minutes....but it did leave us off on Constitution Square, right in front of the Hotel.
I checked into this rather lovely room.....freshened up and went out to explore.  Jeff spent a week in this Hotel with our Dad back in 1972 and he wanted to see what had changed.  First impression was the air in Athens was "cleaner", the hotel fancier.....but, he was 9 years old at the time....his interests were very different back then.
This was impressive at the hotel, the rooftop pool area...... I didn't bring a bathing suit....but it was a nice view and looked relaxing.  Jeff & I got a beer and who do we run into????  Our cousin Barbara from talk about coincidences.  We planned to meet for dinner that evening!
Just strolling through Greece.....Jeff was able to identify landmarks etc....I believe this was a University.
We walked forever and believe it or not, we could not find a restaurant for some Greek lunch!!!!  There were plenty of cafes, but for coffee & pastry.....FINALLY I found this place where we were able to get a sandwich and a glass of wine.  
The entrance to the Grande Hotel Bretagne!  
The view from the Roof Top Garden Restaurant at the Grande Bretagne....that is the Acropolis along the skyline!
We sat here for cocktails before dinner.....glorious views all around!
Again a view from the restaurant!
My impressions of Athens.......I was not impressed.  Perhaps if I had gone to visit the Acropolis...but like I said.....ruins are not necessarily my thing....and I was disappointed by the lack of restaurants....perhaps I was in the wrong area....but it was very crowded, very noisy....kind of like a Greek NYC!!!  I love NYC and I know it well.....but even Manhattan and noise get to you eventually!
Would I go back......perhaps enroute to somewhere else, but I think not.  I can't forget the charm and ambiance of the other places I have visited so Athens will have to take a back seat!!!
After dinner last night I said Good-bye to Jeff ....he went back to the ship and disembarked this morning....he has a treacherous flight back to Hartford, CT....but he should be at the lake tonight around 8 pm.....EST  I am on my own now for the next 26 days.  I think my time with Jeff got my feet wet for this SOLO Travel experience.....!!!!!
One thing I do like about Athens is Free Internet in the Business Center of the Hotel....this has been wonderful not worrying about how much my blog work is costing!
I am going back to the Ship shortly.....will be in Athens on board overnight then sail on tomorrow at 4:30 pm  and I am not sure where!!!! 
Tomorrow's Monday, It Must Be Belgium.......oh no, Thursday is Belgium.....Uh, I'm NOT going to Belgium......when I get back on the ship I'll let ya know!!!

Back on the ship......Tuesday I will be in Ephesus, Turkey.....also, tomorrow I will upgrade my impressions of Athens.....I found the Plaka.....very different....very nice!!!!