Sunday, October 20, 2013

CRETE, GREECE.....Surprise Stop!!!

Well, the itinerary called for us to stop in Katakolon , Greece  and Santorini ....however we had huge wind gusts and for safety reasons, we had one day at sea and a docking in Crete, Greece .  I really wanted to see Santorini and to go on the wine tour in Katakolon ....but the Crete detour was a new adventure!  So we went to Knossos Palace....ruins of a palace dating back 4,000 years or so.  Jeff was, I am a little into "History", but more into culture, scenery, & food.

So here we are visiting the ruins of Knossos Palace.  It is one of the most importanat archeological finds in the world and it is associated with both King Minos & and the evil minotaur, who supposedly lived in a maze below the palace.  Heraklion, the capital of Crete is the home to Europe's earliest civilization and the birthplace of countless myths and legends.
What I found facinating about this palace ruin was they discovered indoor plumbing, running water etc.  It shows the underground area where the system was.  Hard to imagine, isn't it?
Just some more shots of the ruins.....beware, it is VERY dry there and "dusty", the dig continues and there is lots of dust kicked up.  Now that I mention it, it has been incredibly dry in our stops in Greece....I didn't expect that.  Also while at Sea it has been dry.....strange!  I don't know if that is unusual or not!

And it continues.....if I find more stats about this palace etc. I will return and add them.
Proof that I was there!  Holly In Ruin!
Snack time on the way back to the ship.  This was in the Old Town of Crete....We had a Greek Salad and some Mousseka....and of course some local beer.
This was looked like a Silo in the ground....they said it could be for compost....not sure about that.  It did have a drainage hole!  But the stairs make me think something sinister went on down there.....with the myths and stuff of this time, I really don't like to think what may have gone on!
This was a theater.....the Greeks have always loved the theater and what better way to enjoy it but to have your own theater in your palace.
This was taken somewhere along the way back to the ship.
Now a quick bit about where the ship is docked and getting into the old part of can walk...maybe 20 minutes or so leisurely.
To get to Knossos Palace you have to take a Taxi or a Bus....not having time to do much research on Crete, I didn't have that all worked out (remember, it wasn't on our itinary).  So after asking some questions in port.....I learned that a Taxi there was anywhere from 7 Euros to 15 Euros....quite a range.  When we asked a Taxi to take us one way....he tried to con us into having him wait because according to him.......there were no Taxis to bring us back....and he wanted 50 Euros.  I told him I only had 10 Euros......he said he would loan me the rest!  I should have asked him what his interest rate was!!!!!!!!!  Anyway, since Knossos is a BIG tourist spot, I figured we'd take a one way cab.  There were cabs and busses and everything there!  So, when we finished our visit, we took the local bus to the port at a whopping coast of 1.50 Euros!  If you are there TAKE THE BUS!!!!!!