Sunday, October 13, 2013


What can I say about Corfu?  CHARMING!  Incredibly beautiful architecture including:  Italianate, Boroque, Renaissance & Neoclassical styles.  Also two hillside fortresses, one of which dates back to the 6th Century.  The Old Town is located within the center of the more contemporary part of town.  The Old Town reminded me of the winding alleyways in Venice. There were tile paved pedestrian walkways and an abundance of cafes and shops.  In the picture above we were having some Corfu Beer & Lunch.  

You can walk to the Old Town from the Port and it is a pleasant walk lasting perhaps an hour....the left is bordered by the sea and to the right are a multitude of car & scooter rental kiosks as well as Ferry Ticket Sale Shops.  Albania is just across the sea and apparently a favorite day trip via the Ferry.  

My overall summation of Corfu is that it is a place that I am glad I did not miss.

Now, of course there are some bumps in this trip:  For example, Aaron .....IS HE PRECOCIOUS OR JUST A PLAIN BRAT? While embarking the ship we noticed that there were hardly any childrent boarding.  Which is just fine. cabin neighbor just happens to be the grandmother of one of the few children on the ship!  Imagine "screaming" "misbehaving" and on and on whenever he visits Granny!  At first I thought it was his cabine but was pleasantly surprised to learn that he would only visit once in awhile.

SHARED DINING.....I have never done this before, but for some reason, I was unable to get an  assigned seating time which would have been a table for two....for me and my brother.  So the first night we went to dinner it was with two other couples.  They were nice enough, but folks who know me know I cannot sit at the dinner table and not engage in conversation.  For me, dining with strangers was stressful and too much work.....I had to get the conversation going as well as start the introductions.  Plus, it sets off the whole dining experience.....we like to eat all courses.....but I guess that is the waiter's job how to serve in this situation!  Needless to say, I am trying very hard to get an assigned seating for two....we shall see.  While I am sailing alone I will have open seating beginning on 10/20....but I am hoping to make some friends that I can share with!  That is still a work in progress.

I plan to blog about Montenegro and the Fjord was a WONDERFUL surprise.  See ya soon!  Please excuse any typos.....using the internet on board is costly!  BUT, there is free WIFI in many I can do some of this work there....all you have to do is buy a drink.....I can do that!!!!