Sunday, October 27, 2013

KUSADASI, TURKEY.....Home of The Virgin Mary's House & Ephesus

The Ship's Berth in Kusadasi, once again, was fairly convenient.  My tour to the House of the Virgin Mary and Ephesus left around 8:45 a.m. & lasted for 4-1/2 hours.  Our guide, Zachery, was Turkish and Christian and a history teacher for High School students.  As we traveled up the mountain to the House of the Virgin Mary, he focused on the Christian religious history.  On the way up the mountain we stopped to see this statue of Mary.
Once we reached the site, we walked up to where the house was.  The park like surroundings were very lush & beautiful.  The house was tiny and very simple.  The house is considered a sacred place by all and before entering a Turkish guard was on duty to remind visitors to be silent while inside and NO pictures.  Inside was simple as well.  As you entered there was a picture of Mary to your left and ahead was an altar with simple momentos.  Something magical happened while I was inside, at least to me.  I felt an overwhelming sense of peace, so much so that it brought tears.  Other people seemed to be experiencing similar feelings.
Once outside the house there was a candle lighting area....I had two candles that I lit for a very special friend.  The feeling of peace remained.
This was a small statue & description that was along the park walkway.
A wishing wall where many people were leaving handwritten wishes on scraps of paper.  Of course I forgot my pen and notebook so my wish was a whispered one that I made to the wall.
This was at the appeared to be a water sistern.

I have a picture somewhere of the people collecting water from several taps built into a wall.  It is believed to be Holy Water from a spring within the mountain.  At some point I will find that picture and include it here.

After we left Mary's House, we headed down the mountain and proceeded to Ephesus.  Overall, I am so glad I picked this tour and really appreciated having the wonderful guide Zach!
See you in Ephesus!!!!