Tuesday, October 22, 2013

AN UPGRADE of MY ATHENS impressions.....found the Plaka!

Well, I finally found The Plaka in Athens ....and it was much more to my liking.  Quaint and residential with tons of restaurants and locals.  Found one with WIFI & enjoyed the company of the Maître  De, Antonios!

The Plaka has the charm I was missing in Athens.  After a short walk around, I found a Greek restaurant ...Ithaki, and had a really nice Greek salad & glass of wine.  
The waiter, or as he said, Maitre De, was interested in my Blog....gave me his email to send him the link to my blog...and I will link the restaurant.

He was kind enough to take my picture while I ate yet another Greek Salad!

 A Church undergoing repairs in a huge Plaza in Plaka!
 More of the Plaza!
 A Greek famous religious figure, I suppose!
Another Church!

I am so thrilled that I finally found the Plaka on my second day in Athens after staying in the wonderful and luxurious Hotel Grande Bretagne.  Obviously, this area has changed my opinion of Athens......just a few streets away from Constitution Square, I found my little area of peace, local people and the cafes I so adore. 

So.....today I was in Kusadasi, Turkey....and I am not sure how I am going to pare down the photos I took of The Virgin Mary's House on the Mountain and especially Ephesus....If you want to talk mind boggling.....I experienced it today....that post will probably come on October 24 when we have a day at sea.....so I will have the time to do it proper justice.

Tomorrow, I will be in Rhodes, Greece......Okay Okay....I will once again fall behind....since I will not have the free computer service of the Hotel Grande Bretagne....but I will try to find (which I am getting pretty good at) free WIFI in Rhodes.  IF ONLY HAL had given me free internet on board.....I would have done myself, you and HAL a lot more justice with this blog.....but as they say....C'est La Vie!!!!

I can add right now.....so far this has been the most informative, picturesque and incredible journey......as I said in the beginning.....the adventure of a lifetime!  And I am so happy to be able to share it with all of you who have taken the time to look at my Blog!  Thank you everyone!

I have decided that during the last 7 days I will be at sea enroute to Florida.....I will share my "people" encounters (if I can keep them all straight, I have taken notes") and finally analyzing what it is like to be a solo traveler.  HINT....Not as difficult as I was anticipating!