Monday, October 28, 2013

Kusadasi Port

While in Port after our incredible tour....we had a stop at a Shop where they showed how Turkish Rugs were made.  I thought it was a little hoaky from reviews I read, but in fact, I found it quite interesting.  This lady was demonstrating hand weaving.
This lady was taking the silk pods and extracting the fibers.
These are the pods that were opened and revealed the silk threads which in turn were spun onto the wheel, shown above.  That was all I needed to know.....and I made a discreet exit so I could explore the port!
This and following are some scenes I came across
Fishing boats with their nets on board!
I must say, Kusadasi was a very pretty coastal town and Port.....Actually it is a favorite Resort town for people who live in the area....perhaps like Cape Cod for us in New England.
Of course I found a Cafe in the port.....and after having a beer I decided to turn around and look behind me....voila....that is my Ship behind me.....the Noordam!!!  How cool is that???  I shared a table with a Jamaican gal.....who it turned out to be was one of the Photographers from the ship and also the one who took my picture in Rome when we arrived after an overnight flight .....I told her she really took probably the best shot of me that gruelling morning!!!  So much so that I actually bought the photos!

NOTE:  I left the picture on the ship!!!!  Can't believe I forgot it!!!