Friday, October 11, 2013


Waking up to see Stromboli Island, Italy, an active volcano spurting steam was a wonderful way to start my first day at sea yesterday.

GETTING THERE IS HALF THE FUN, they say....well the flight to Rome was fun...I had a great seat mate who was on an adventure herself...she was flying to Rome with her friend and both their who spoke only Italian asset going to Italy!  The adventure part was....she had never been to Europe !  And adding to the adventure, they had just an outline of where they wanted to go and a list of possible she said, we'll wing it! KUDOS to her & her companions!

The flight time flew by....we had wine, dinner, talked, watched the movie 42 and talked some more! A little doze.....and we were in Rome.  It helped that I paid $100 for a premium seat that gave me 5 inches.....$20 an inch but well worth it if you don't want to sit with your knees up against the seat in front of you!

The untrue part of HALF THE FUN IS GETTING THERE is the arrival at Rome's airport.  Picture 300+ people being herded like cattle into one opening called passport control!!! NOT FUN!  45 minutes later I was officially in Rome.

Transfer to the ship.....the Noordam  by HAL was smooth, efficient and fairly organized!  The hour drive to the port was really nice....farms to the right and the sea to the left.  I was so happy to arrive in my cabin and just settle into my home for the next 37 days.

Hopefully tomorrow I will add so my blog to share Corfu with my followers as well as comment on issues such as "Shared Dining" and a blurb on a child...."Is he just precocious or just a plain Brat?"....also some travel tips from Elisa from Puero Rico on travel web sites for single women.

As they say in Greece:  Siga, Siga......"Take your time.  Slow down".....AND ENJOY!  See ya'll soon!