Monday, September 23, 2013


Okay, I have shared the purpose of this Blog.  Now let's lighten it up a bit!  Will this adventure be ME against the COUPLES?

As a result of my cruise Forum, I have found that so far in my group of about 50+ people, there are only two solos/singles.....ME and a gal from Australia.  Hmmmmm....I bet if you add up all the years of marriage for this group of couples you would be in the multi-hundreds, probably in the 600+ years.  Indredible, huh?  As I learned from previous cruises, I know that the passenger make up consists of predominantly couples.  As of October 20th when my brother disembarks I will be truly a "solo".

So, how does a single person mingle with predominantly couples?  BEATS ME!  I have had some experience over the summers at my Lake Home.  One evening while hanging out with the "lake" couples we added up the years of marriage.....egad!  But, I have gotten along with everyone, as far as I know.  Perhaps I just need to reflect on how I mixed at those events and borrow from those experiences when I throw myself into the couples POOL! (Or in this case SEA!)

Think Positively Holly! This may result in some GOOD blogging material.  If you are wondering if my Blog is being shared with any of the cruise forums or passengers......NO WAY!!  That would inhibit my creative spirit!  And besides, I promised you some Humor.....One guess where I plan to find some of that?  I promise, nothing I write will be mean spirited...anything I write will be in fun!

Stay tuned.......................