Sunday, September 15, 2013


My goal with this blog is to expound on the adventures of a single (Sassy) senior cruising the Mediterranean alone.  It is something on my bucket list that I have never done before.  I consider myself a world traveler having made my first European trip in 1972.  Then, through the years up to the present, I have continued traveling....BUT always with someone....a friend, family member or a significant other.  NOW is the time to venture out on my own.....step out of my box, leave my comfort zone and self-impose a CHALLENGE!

That challenge now has an added twist....possible military conflict and unrest in the Eastern Mediterranean.  My HAL (Holland America) cruise has already had an itineray change....rather than going to Cairo, Egypt, because of the civil disturbances there, our cruise is now going to Haifa, Israel and Cyprus.  Well those ports are not that far from Syria....and now there is tension between the US and Syria.

A part of me wants to tempt fate and continue as planned......that sure would be a BLOG coup!!!!  And the less adventurous side of me leans toward wanting to play it safe.  It is out of my control and I am sure that HAL will make the safe choice as before.  Sail along with me!!