Saturday, January 30, 2016

Maiori, Italy....Sassy's New Adventure

An Adventure 

Come October 2016 I will be spending 5 weeks living in Maiori Italy & immersing myself into the lives & love of the people in this small village on the Amalfi Coastline!  Here's a glimpse of what's to come!

     This is the private rooftop terrace with views of the sea and the city below!  Luckily, there is an elevator in the building making easily accessible.                                                                          

     This is a view of the building where I will be living for a month.  Next door to the building is a pedestrian street with multiple cafes & ristorantes!                                                                         

                      The view of the Sea from the spacious terrace. On the other side there is a view of the town below! 

This is the pedestrian street with a wide selection of
cafes & restorantes!